this was gonna start out as a sappy gushing happy mama's day post. i had meant to call her after i got home tonight, seeing that i was outta the house at 7am this morning to get to the 3-in-1 event @ the eastwood tzu chi office ~ mothers' day + vesak day + tzu chi's 40th anni. that would've translated to 4am in her timezone. somehow, i didn't forsee her being thrilled in any way at being roused by the shrill ring-ringing of the telephone irregardless of the number of mothers' day wishes conferred.

her offline skype msg greeted me when i got home. talk about making someone feel guilty...

amy今天是母親節妳怎麼沒有來電話呢?我打電話去都沒通,今天是否很忙?有空撥個電話回來,也剝個電話給妳的乾媽, ok

that's what she said over skype. what i comprehended translates to something along the lines of "smooch. amy today is mother's day. how come you didn't call? i called but nobody answered, had a busy day? call back when you have time and also call your godmother, ok?" sans the punctuation.

chill, woman. i was gonna call you!!! you don't go call up your kids to tell them to call you! it's like calling people on your birthday to demand birthday wishes... *grumbles*

so i call. she doesn't answer her cell phone. ahhuh. she calls up skype later on and she demands to see me on webcam. i grumble but indulge her, seeing as it's mother's day and i was feeling really tearjerky earlier today during the tzu-chi 40th anni video clips about honoring mothers for their selflessness and all. man. *grits teeth* mothers may have that uncanny ability to make everything seem better, to kiss those boo-boos away but they also have another knack for pushing all the right buttons at the right times with the slightest of nudges.

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