the last stage of labor

my room has been a sorry mess
with candy wrappers, i must confess.
books and scrap papers strewn and splayed
my study plans seem a tad delayed.

two more weeks til the end of term
how solid my knowledge, exams will confirm.
chocolate's already been bought and stashed
in anticipation of cooking plans dashed.

back to the grindstone, and away she goes!
both net surfing and tibia shall remain my foes.
a recent lack of comments, visits and hellos..
apologies to all, yes aemii knows.

i shall be, til June's third week
a good li'l nerdette with books to seek.
should once i pass ace those written papers
i'll update you with more recent capers

so until then, my dear concerned friends
i'll be working on future dividends
with happy news, i hope to greet
looking forward to our next meet =)

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