weeks and weeks

pitter patter clickity clack
backspace. backspace.

patter pitter clackity click
backspace. backspace.

thus goes my stubby fingers bouncing off the keyboard. obedient things they are, despite suffering from the occassional fat finger syndrome. apologies for misunderstandings ~ i was getting a tad exasperated last week with the amount of distraction that stemmed from msn and the like. i didn't mean i'd stop blogging til april as many have asked ~ ooo, this is my outlet, my personal playground of sorts. my own padded cell in chic spanking white. i need this retreat, it saves everyone else in the real world from the majority of aemii-monsters =)

not much of a week really. nothing jaw-droppingly exciting. nothing smoke-inducing exasperating. everything's settling into a certain calm... a swirl of the calm induced by dreams, mixed with a sprinkle of unsettling nerves like the calm before a storm. just enough to tip the meter over to "exciting" rather than "mundane" ~ mmmMMm good!

two weeks ago, i was looking around for Confidence. took it out for a walk and the leash snapped. all i had left was a tuft of hair caught at the end of the leash clasp.

one week ago, i was knocking on every door in my search for Confidence. mood foul as the stinkiest sulphur geyser, temper black as midnight on the far side of the moon.

this week, a ragged-eared sorry sight crawled back through the doggy door. oh nono, Confidence didn't just come back all by itself. lotsa baited treats were dropped as a breadcrumb trail in the form of presentations over coffee with my registrar and intern, plus that extra session with the prof.

in another week, aemii will present to the hospital 5 days pre-exam. obs will be stable, heart rate may be a tad high. no signs of anemia or jaundice will be apparent, but peculiar darkened crescent-shaped areas under the eyes may be seen. she will have no drips or catheters attached. instead, abernathy's surgical secrets is attached to the right palmar surface and she will be clutching numerous chunks of cadbury's hazelnut chocolate. her pupils will be fixed and dilated, staring at stacks of past papers and scribbled notes. despite some worrying signs, prognosis is expected to be good. she will be deemed fit to travel to perth when the first week of april arrives.


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