In the instant messaging system, friendship-based actions are considered especially delightful. In New South Wales, Australia, the dedicated detectives who investigate these amicable affairs are members of an elite squad known as the Special Recipients Unit. These are their stories.

The Thank You

another wave of dejavu swept over me as a brown paper package not tied up with string arrived. this time, no felt cutie arrived. this one was a tad more three-dimensional.

*strikes up a drumroll*

say hi to itty bitty shy snowy sent by shu from singapore! (now say that 10 times as fast as you can *grins*)

he's testament to friendship, how a simple comment over msn sparked a chain of events leading to his epic voyage across a few seas and islands to arrive in one unbruised piece at my doorstep. i had seen snowy's clone in blue as shu's msn avatar, squealed at how cute it was and before i knew it, i was being promised his clone! i'm still speechlessly touched at the kind gesture and i just wanted to say thank you shu, thank you for brightening up many an otherwise dreary day! don't worry, snowy will be well taken care of =)

The Ooops
in other realms of unexpectedness came a sudden msn msg from L beginning with:

amy u dolt brain

that's the great thing about friends... a freeflow of insults can fly at all hours, wrapped in the security of smug knowledge that a soft landing will be had. bemused, i waited in anticipation at what she'd tell me i did wrong.

L says: u uploaded your photos onto the wrong folder in my livecargo
L says: & that folder called 'signed agreements' is the one i share w the CEO, COO
L says: directors, etc

big big oops... but friends are very forgiving and make the world seem safe, even when they know it really isn't.

L says: moving them now......

that's my L for you, being both my devil's horns and angel wings all at once. i don't think i ever really spelt it out, but i'm glad you're in my life =)

The Congrats

yet again on msn, i get my first wedding invite from another one of my galpals. not that she'd have a second wedding.

L said: amy! please keep ** nov 06 blocked out k? wedding date's confirmed

it was so unexpected that the message took a few minutes to sink in. especially after her vehement protest when i told her it was the day before my exams and i'd be in a different country. *wails*

L said: no no no!!! u MUST make it *pout*

gawd help us! whether i make her wedding or not, by the end of next year, there will be a very real prospect of mini Ls running around calling me auntie. *gasp* despite being mortified at the fact that i'm comfortably in the age group where most people are of marriageable age, i'm at the same time jumping for joy on L's behalf. girl, if i was there in singapore right now, you'd be suffocating from my hugs! a very very happy congratulations dearie, from both me and snowy =)

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