plodding along

2 weeks til long cases and what am I doing?

Besides having long chats with my friend Procrastination, who sometimes brings Panic along, i've been embarking on yet another revamp of my webby, this time with nucleus. the amount of work spent figuring it out is directly proportional to the level of stress i'm feeling. it's always inversely proportional to the time i've left. besides that, i also point the finger at prison break, medium and smallville although it usually helps if i don't switch on the googlebox as mood lighting the moment i get home. oh, and i've been enlightened in a .pdf manner regarding a certain office mystery.

Yes, I've been bugging the hell out of seeing patients and chasing down my registrar for presentations, managing to string a semi-coherant babble sprinkled with waffle. things become ten times worse when I do the same thing in front of my consultant but as a result, i managed to score a few more extra presentation sessions, so a silver lining does exist! some arr and arr (not of the fishie version tho! that would be stealing fishie and his shel's moment) would be gladly welcomed tho, but that won't materialize for another 2-odd weeks. in the spirit of a pirate... *dons on an eye patch & bursts into song*

Yo ho, yo ho, an intern's life for me.
I stutter and stammer in front of the doctors,
Chin up, me 'earties, yo ho.
I desperately need a very stern proctor,
Chin up me 'earties, yo ho!

Yo ho, yo ho, a woeful life for me.

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