jittery words and blurry nerves

i wished for a study break and whaddya know?!
is this truly a case of you reap what you sow?
the timetable's out, i squint for my name
turns out that i'll be the very last dame

friday arvo at one pee-em
that's my time to test the mem
hope the patient will be nice
a complex case will suffice

no straightfoward simple ailments, that i don't want
for evil horrid questions will the examiners taunt
if they don't know what is going on
i too, won't be expected to search for babylon!

five days and counting, exam day's looming
staring at books til the words seem to be moving!
cadbury chocs of the hazelnut kind
are the only things that are on my mind =(

there's plenty of time for some last minute cramming
there's even some space for intermittent snacking =D
beware of an aemii at the end of the week
with junk food & facts, she may turn into a freak

steer clear til friday's past
by two pm, i'll be free at last!
til then, well all you will see
is exactly this portrait of grumpy ol' me =)

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