bloody karma wheel

ever heard of the theory on reincarnation? the one where you're supposed to do good in this life so you can accumulate lotsa good karma and be reincarnated into a life of bliss as you bask in attention while other ppl repay their debts to you?

you cause ppl pain and suffering this life, they'll come back the next to cause you pain and suffering. that's how the karma wheel spins, no? so if one grins and bears all the suffering that's been hurled in one's direction over a lifetime, does this mean that the next life will be blissful? does this mean that in theory, one can sit back and inflict suffering on everyone else without nary a care?

as a mozzie, one can flit around as carefree as one wishes looking for the next hot-bodied human to feast on. a lifetime of gorging, albeit a tad short, inflicting wanton pain and itchy agony upon complete strangers with nary a care! welcome to the land of criminal bliss... do you see where i'm going, do you see the parallels?

bloody mozzies, biting me in the most unconventional of places. IN BETWEEN MY FRICKIN TOES would be an example. another bite smack on a joint, 2 toes away. and another where i'd take my dorsalis pedis pulse. and another 2 cm lateral to that. my bloody foot's the perfect textbook example of inflammation - red, swollen, damn painful, hot to touch and i don't know if it'll fit in a shoe tomorrow morning so i guess that justifies as loss of function.

moral of the story, for those of you who believe in karma: stop being such a nice guy, grinning and bearing all the crap or you'll end up as a mosquito in your next life!!

bloody mozzies.

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