now, think of the happiest things... it's the same as having wings!
-Peter Pan

well, despite things seemingly swimming along all hunky dory, i can't help but sense a gaggle of nigglies bubbling under the surface. they're almost like them gremlins jittering in their little spheres just before popping like bubble wrap.

can't quite put my finger on any one particular thing and that's just as frustrating. spent the whole night listening to amici ~ the opera band. bah. as an aside, they're gonna be in town on february 20th so if anyone's interested in hearing them live, i would love to have the company! man, i miss choir days. especially a capella singing... *bows head in silence to tic tac tone's decision to take an indefinite hiatus... and for mr vee too*

*big bear hugs to jme* no, not for the meme. ARGH. absolutely flattered to get my first meme (does this mean i'm a real blogger now? does it, does it?) but decidedly un-thrilled to become a headless sheep wandering with the crowd. never have been one to go with the flow, yet sometimes i paddle upstream so furiously that i end up hurting myself or tiring myself out so much i end up being part of the mainstream anyway, albeit a tad more scratched up. hmmm anyway, this is for you girlie. the first and last meme i'm gonna ever do *stomps foot louder than those friggin new neighbors i currently have yet to meet* hang in there. you know that you've got a support group at your beck and call in newie should you ever need us =)

here's the meme ~

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. teacher's assistant (or so i would like to believe), aged 11, to a kindergarten class @ bert's mom's school.
2. orientation redshirt @ student services, uni of newcastle
3. that lifetime job that was thrust upon me, that thing called being a daughter.
4. the job of keeping myself sane =) (yes, im a spoilt little overprotected brat who's grasping at straws to come up with four jobs)

Four movies songs I can watch listen to over and over:
look. im not a movie person. i get bored after the 2nd rerun so tuff, this meme's getting tweaked!
1. pachebel's canon in d. any version.
2. bandari - every. single. cd.
3. any work of toshihiko sahashi - you can have a listen @ mistkron's site. it's his bkground music
4. at the moment, lin yu zhong's kao an

Four places I’ve lived:
1. kaohsiung, taiwan
2. manila, philippines
3. northridge/woodland hills @ san fernando valley, cali
4. singapore

Four TV Shows I love would religiously watch:
1. charmed
2. scrubs
3. law & order: svu
4. kenny ho's version of 中华英雄 aka the blood sword. bah, scratch that. gimme any martial arts/chinese swordfighting series and i'll sit in front of the screen for days!

Four Places I’ve Vacationed:
1. okinawa/tokyo, japan
2. bangkok, thailand
3. yangon/mandalay, myanmar
4. honolulu, hawaii

Four of my Favorite Dishes:
1. any form of dark chocolate concoction
2. poh piah - the one from a certain stall in taiwan =)
3. wah kuay.. urm, literally "bowl.. um kuay" i don't noe how to describe it but if you come to tw, i'll buy you a bowl! =(
4. piping hot dou hua/dao huae ~ yet another asian dish that literally translates to "bean flower"

Four sites I visit daily:
1. bloglines for my one-stop blogstroll
2. does gmail count? 0.0
3. news.com.au - I love reading about it before it’s broadcast on the telly. <-- amen jme!
4. sadly, the last would have to be blackboard. aint that pathetic?

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. in the company of long lost friends
2. at the beach, strolling along the sea foam, flicking sand with my toes and camera in hand
3. in LA, picking up where i left off
4. in taiwan, pigging out. with friends. mebbe a small dose of parents. SMALL i said!

Four people I’m tagging:
as much as i'm resisting to pass this on, i feel guilty for breaking the chain so in terms of tagging... well feel free to assume you've been tagged if it strikes your fancy =)

early apologies for lack of updating. not sure when i'll next get to do so, not sure when i'll next have something to share. here's a story to keep some of you squirming for a bit...

was at my surgeon's private rooms last week and saw a sweet elderly lady toddle in. turns out she's had her rectocele for the past 20+ years.

hers was so bad, it kinda popped out once in a while. she whispered that she thought she was becoming a man at one point. when asked how she managed to live with her rectocele for so long, she replied that she would shove it back in whenever it prolapsed. as if that wasn't a graphic enough answer, my surgeon turned to me absolutely beaming and exclaimed "now isn't that clever!! she sticks her finger in to push it back up!!" *faints* and you'd think it couldn't get any worse than that but 5 minutes later, my surgeon had his finger up her back passage and was showing me how the rectocele worked by parting the labia and wriggling his finger in the opening. man.. and then he handed me a glove... 1 minute later, there was one more dirty glove hitting the biohazard bin. PR #2 under my belt. whoopee ~

i'm having second thoughts about heading towards the school of surgery...

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