touchie feelie

when i was a kid, i wanted a lot of things, especially cute and fluffy things. my mom curbed that insatiable desire by telling me to "mong mong eh d'oh hurh" in hokkien - roughly translates to "go have a feel and that should be enough." for those chinese-inclined, it translates to "muo yi muo jio hao" aka "touch touch can already" in singlish.

i usually ended up giving the stuffed animal a cuddle before putting them back. occasionally, i liked one so much it would sit cozy in my grubby chubby arms as i toddled around the store. the bottom line was that since i "owned" it for a period in time, i should be satisfied and should be able to leave the store with out it, appeased.

sounds too abstract a concept for a 3-yr old to understand, let alone follow through eh? i surprised everyone and as a result of this "conditioning" of mine.. well i still have a habit of lugging various things around stores for random quantities of time. ask mr sleepyhead. that's how he eventually came home with me.


in the spirit of "mong mong eh d'oh hurh"....
i couldn't resist sharing... 'tis a manifestation of the mong mong conditioning.

(bleah. i can't believe how easily suckered i was. man, parents can be evil if they want to. look at A's mom. she recordered A screaming her lungs out during her daily morning tantrums one day and played it back to her the next morning at maximum volume during another tantrum. it definitely shut A up quicksmart.)

anyway, look what i found...

that bag...

*swoons and faints on the spot*

:: psst :: aemii can be easily revived in the presence of at least one of these ::

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