toilet training

remember that toilet-themed restaurant called Marton that was in the "weird and wonderful" section of the news some time back? no? well you're about to be introduced to the toilet shrine =)

'tis one restaurant that kaohsiung has and taipei doesn't. a rare find indeed...
went to test the waters with my parents before L and YH arrived at the WenHua Zhong Xin branch. small, dingy place. very odd atmosphere. especially when one dines with one's parents at a toilet-themed restaurant and has to eat out of toilet bowls and urinals.. there was this underlying tension throughout the whole meal, challenging any of the 20-odd patrons to whip out cameras and pose as distastefully as one can given the restaurant deco.

the other branch we all eventually went to was much nicer. despite a better ambiance, i was still a bit squeamish. after a while, that curry sloshed over the mound of rice and veggies starts to look a tad foul in a bowl shaped like a squatting toilet. the hotpot nestled comfortably, bubbling happily in its porcelain toilet bowl suddenly sprouts the potential to make tummies do somersaults..

nevertheless, three smiley people walked out as two others went to get the car and those three bowed to the toilet bowl that night...

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