pillow talk

talk of these
beating hearts still hasn't died down (legal bots, o legalbots ~ images are edited from the webby!)

now there's a new name for it!
here's a random chat of the day ~

he says: what u doinz
aemii says: nothing much
aemii says: what about u?
he says: that was delayeddddddddd
aemii says: hee i was clearing emails
he says: just reading ur cute lil blog......... those beating heart things arent too much to look at
aemii says: awww
aemii says: if they didnt cost so much, i'd buy one
aemii says: a hundred and twenty american dollars!
he says: how muccch is much
he says: eiya, wonder what makes em tick, cant be bothered finding out cause first page took so long to loud
aemii says: for ONE pillow!
aemii says: lol some comp chip
aemii says: it ticks differently every time
aemii says: it's like u get to hug a diff person each time hehehe
he says: slut pillow!
he says: hehe
aemii says: 0.0
aemii says: haha
aemii says: i like that one... that's going in the blog

now that you've put it that way, $120 isn't too bad an investment eh? *wink*

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