like a moth to a flame...

i'm attracting all sorts of negativity here. need to rewrite that sticker slapped across my forehead pretty soon.

couldn't help but bring a smile to my face when i stumbled across numbandnumber's 2006 greetings. the two lines i love... the very first and the very last. lol.

i'm already feeling sick and this random stumble with a smile was the saving grace from having half-digested tummy contents see the light of day again. i guess it's cumulative. haven't seen another person since i got dropped off by my shuttle bus five days ago. home cooked meals aren't as tasty as home cooked meals should be. having nothing to do really bugs me. i've finished putting away all my luggage. knowing that school's about to start in another week also really bugs me. listening to the nasal voice at the other end of the line tell me "thank you for waiting, your call has progressed in the queue and we'll be with you as soon as possible" accompanied by cheesy music for the past 33mins and counting is fast coaxing a migraine from its slumber. selling my precious powershot s40 cam on ebay didn't help.

i've been home for less than a week and i'm already homesick =(

man, 2006's barely started and i'm already deflated. let's hope it's pms.

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