home is where the heart is

one week left before i head back to singapore for a quick stopover (canon powershot s80, here i come!) and then onto oz.

i've been anticipating the worst - flareups with my parents and such. in the ~2 weeks i've been back, i think i lucked out. my dad's copped the brunt of my mom's fury and impatience. me? i just sit there and try to blend into the walls or slink away unnoticed til the storm blows over. sometimes, i don't time it just right and mistake the eye of the storm for prolonged calm. deep breaths, deeeep breaths. walk away. atta girl.

i've been given the royal treatment i think. most of my whims have been catered to... except the one where i want to buy a qipao. hehe. hey, i tried one on and would've gotten it 'cept i thought it a tad extravagent to blow about one grand in aussie dollars on it. gimme my mac mini any day!

this year's visit has made me see my parents in another way.. still parents but in a way, they're also like little kids. "lao lang ginna" they say in taiwanese ~ old folks kiddies is the literal translation. get the gist? =)

new home's looking awesome too. i gripe about the interior decorators all the time though. they don't deliver what they promise. *pissy* life's like that eh..

like i said, pix will be uploaded once i reach oz. [edit: already uploaded!] lotsa reorganizing, lotsa reordering to do in all aspects of my life. hopefully, i won't be aimlessly babbling as i am now once i hit ozzie shores.

welcome home, welcome home =)

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