one driver.
two grandparents.
three hour roadtrip, prolly to stop for lunch and head back home.
four years apart, my cousins and i.
five of us in the car... what will we all talk about? *scrunches up forehead and makes a million creases*

oh dear..

my cousin and i hadn't really talked or spent much time together. 'twas nice to be able to reconnect over dinner with him last night. he was back for a courtesy trip to visit our grandparents and would leave tomorrow morning. today was the day a-gong and a-ma (that's what we call our grandparents) would take us out on one of a-gong's legendary "day trips" - ones that would consist of driving at least a few hours to a certain remote destination so he can show us an orchard or a building, stop and have lunch for an hour before driving back home.

what worried us was not the unknown destination, but what we'd talk about in the car. my cousin's smattering of taiwanese, heavily tainted with a filipino twist plus my limited knowledge of unorthodox mandarin and taiwanese would prove any conversation a challenge.

at the end of the day, things weren't as bad as we thought. we managed to keep a-gong occupied with random comments and questions throughout the day whilst also keeping ourselves occupied with my cousin's movies on his lifedrive *grins* we didn't do a lot of reminiscing, but we sure made up for lost time with all the yakking we did today. comfy comfy! i'm working on my list of relatives i truly feel comfy around... one more cousin added to the list today =) many more to go...

photos will be up once go back to the dorms in another week or two ~

[edit] all in a day's journey to southern taiwan, visiting the aborigines with my cousin G and my gramps with thanks to A for driving!

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