aussie day misadventure

a phone call snaps me from my reverie
the voice at the other side offers some company
"shall we traipse to the foreshore for the fireworks?" it asks
"we should get there before nine and half past"

a mad rush for the shower to get ready, i run
cooped up all day was definitely no fun
this invitation, i couldn't refuse
many a firework, will me they amuse!

we clamber into her cute car from the nineties
with a handcrank for the sunroof, it was such a tease!
vroom vroom past the police to the city
fireworks had already started, oh what a pity =(

stopping the car at a random spot to climb up a random city bridge,
we ran into some blokes, the air turned colder than that in the fridge.
"oh! we're no baddies. happy australia day!" they assured.
we smiled and ran back to the car, we weren't sure we were insured.

no fireworks were to be seen,
save the ones that had just been.
what a lousy display it was this year
oh, we forget - it's newie, my dear!

we counted our blessings later at home
we saw more than at new years' but still we moan
i retire to my bara as the eve draws to a close,
i still have this singapore firework, at the very most =)

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