winding down

or winding up. hmm...
it's been a whirlwind of a two weeks since exams finished. my 6th sense may be coming back! i felt better about my pediatrics paper and i thought i could scrape through my o&g paper but the OSCE stations left a very very bitter taste and a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. results were released a few days ago and whaddya know! gut feelings are back in action... i passed my pediatrics paper. that was a huge relief. i seriously thought i failed both subjects. i didn't pass my o&g paper but oddly enough, i was really nonchalant.

maybe because i was expecting it. i met with the prof this morning to go over my paper. he was extremely nice but oh-so-stern. i didn't even feel the urge to fight for my pass this time around. i was just happy to hear that i passed my writtens. that was a miracle in itself, i must say. to be told that i wasn't the worst one in the bunch further boosted my ego irrespective of the fact that i failed the subject. *scratches head*

glum was what i expected my mood to be. i suppose that even the grey rainy skies today couldn't dampen my spirits. after all, i know that i passed the writtens. 8/12 and 7/10 for them ok..! and it's not like i didn't pass my OSCEs... i just didn't do well enough for the prof to pick me as his intern. each station was graded as 0, 1 or 2. 0 is an outright fail of course. 2 is a better pass than 1 but both were technically passes... in everyone else's books but the prof's. me with my exam nerves (i can't believe i said herpes instead of HPV throughout one station. didn't even realize til he told me today) and bad exam karma managed to get a 1 for all of the 6 stations. the prof didn't like that very much so i'm gonna hafta redo the whole thing again next year. perfect. i lose my 3 month holiday but at least it doesn't postpone my graduation! wheee ~

to top it all off, i checked my snail mail today and i beamed all the way home.for all you patch adams fans, here's his pagey. i got the chance to see the real deal last year when he stopped over in gosford to give a small talk. his hair's half blue.. like he dyed it with blueberry koolaid! hee =) we got a sneak peek at this video and i was hooked. this was what came in the mail ~ i got your package em!! thank you sooooo much =) i'm ready for my bawl-fest soon too hehe. saving it for the 'rents ~ might also prove a nice distraction for when i go back next week, just so my dad doesn't harp on what's happened this semester, academically.

guess what else came in the mail today?

it was so cute i wanted a copy for myself but but but tis the season for giving so this adorable book's going to hopefully bring some smiles to C & S and their new baby boy when i go visit them in a few days =)

other goodies include this trio of herbs in a can.. i ordered it months ago for myself and yet again, in accordance with the spirit of giving, it's gonna go to S as her x'mas prezzie this year. didn't mean for it to turn out that way but i think she'd enjoy them more than i would.. at least they'd have a better chance of surviving under her care than under mine. must i remind you that you're looking at someone who manages to kill cacti and bamboo alike.

and last but not least, the sweetheart cup & saucer set i got for my mom arrived. she's a heart freak.. arghh. stars for me any day! hearts are so... cliche >.< but but i hafta admit that these cups look pretty cute all filled up, no?

as for myself, i went and bought abernathy's surgical secrets and lange's surgery on call. how sad. even the guy at the bookstore took a jab at me, asking if this was meant to be holiday reading... hmph. i'm just really excited about starting the new semester next year, that's all. excited might not be the right word.. i just want to finish asap and get my degree so i can figure out the rest of my life in peace.

despite my suitcase starting to fill up, there's still lots more prezzies to scout around for, lots more ideas to snatch. winding down and winding up.... nah, i'm just getting started! =)

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