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lotsa lotsa lotsa bdaes!! *throws confetti in the air*

happy belated bdaes to both buzzy and fe's little bro, E and happy bdae to em and pooj & ram! bdae toasts all around =)

was visiting em's bloggie and well. hmm. boys.. *tears hair out* boys are evil, did anyone ever tell you that? *huggies for fellow spinsters* hee! found her link about asian american women and that age old dilemma of going out with another asian guy or a white guy interesting.

What is the advantage we are thought to enjoy? That we scorn our own men and are, therefore, desperately seeking white men which in turn makes us eager to please and therefore appealing to white men. How unspeakably vile is that? What self-respecting woman of any race would want to live with that kind of image?
- nadine park brookston

well actually, more than interesting. i don't know if it's something inherent or if there's something in every asian kid's upbringing that encourages this, but i hafta admit that when i dream of a prince charming with a blurry face, i've always instinctively assumed that he would be asian. i wish someone could translate it properly in chinese so that my mom could read it. just to say "seeee?!" and tell her to hang up her own preconceived prejudices... not that i'd go for a white guy now anyway tho. i don't know, it's not that i have anything against non-asians... i just haven't met any that's swept me off my feet. and then there's the language barrier with my parents and certain cultural barriers that are bound to arise. there's always gonna be some sorta hitch with anyone, but i guess it's just some inborn assumption on my part that there's bound to be more with a non-asian. that being said...

wanted to marry an Asian man, but I wasn't willing to transform myself from an American into someone of an alien nationality.

that being also said, i haven't met many asians that have swept me off my feet either.

On those occasions when I spotted an attractive Asian man and worked up the nerve to strike up a conversation, he typically showed conditional interest, then drifted away. That happened again and again.

d'oh! amen to that! that woman strikes more than a measly little chord in this heart!

i'm glad to see that fishie is doing pretty well in that department tho. it's about time dude!! no more swimming alone for u! *beams* hee (sorry, i came across the fish smiley and just absolutely had to force it in the paragraph somewhere. it's so cutee!)
i hope you don't see the ending either =)

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