auld lang syne

in another 6 hours, i'll be on my sleepy way towards sydney on a door to door airport shuttle bus.
in another 12 hours, i'll be getting ready to check in at the singapore airlines counter
in another 15 hours, i'll be boarding the plane bound for singapore
in another 24 hours, i'll be touching down at changi airport

and thus ends my time in australia for 2005 and heralds the entrance into a totally different world where shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops are disdainly stared at and immaculate grooming is a given. a world where girls doll up in short skirts and tiny tops, don on the mascara and paint on a mask of natural looking gunk just to go out and meet their girl friends. a world where prepubescent guys hang around certain shopping centers to oogle at equally prepubescent girls in ghastly matronly garbs afterschool.

the only saving grace in this new world would be old friends. ones that will sit and reminisce the goofy and the sad alike. ones that will stay back that extra hour just to walk around town with me the night before i left the country. ones that will insult me with the best of intentions. ones that make sure i know i'm loved.

i haven't seen some of these people for 5 years or more. to suddenly be thrust into their presence again is quite unnerving. it's like meeting a blind date. will we click like old times or am i just being daft by living in the past? will i even be able to recognize some of them? what will they think of me? what will i think of them?

in 2 more days, i'll find out =)
in 5 more days, everything will be all over and i'll enter yet another new world.. one where formalities dictate. one where i have to play the role of the demure little girl. not that they don't already know that's far from the truth. they've seen my explosive bouts of tantrums. one's even threatened to throw me out of the house... twice. welcome home, amy.. welcome home.

i'm not back yet and it's already started.
she calls using skype. i hear his voice in the background.
are your tickets and passport packed? are you sure? you better recheck. (yes they're packed. THEY'RE PACKED.)
*sigh* you're not a kid anymore you know (no shit. you were the one who started the nagging anyway)
what are u going to bring on the plane? (my backpack.)
when are u leaving? can you make it in time? (...)
do you need a wake up call? are you sure? (yes. dammit, im not a kid)
is your room cleaned? oh, almost eh.. well ok. (...)
ehh buy some eucalyptus lotion when you get to the airport. (what if i can't find any.. doh)
what will you be wearing on the plane - pants or a long skirt? (JEANS. geez. why do u ask? as if it matters)
what. the. fuck?!

...happy christmas and a merry new year to you too. whatta way to end the year... i didn't mean for my last post of the year to turn into a gripe-fest but *shrug* that's how things turned out.

assume i won't be blogging whilst in taiwan, not under that roof...
cheers ~

here's a sneak peek at my yeti army *beams*
happy holidays everyone. be safe, be good and for those so inclined, mebbe just a tad naughty. santa's lenient *winks*

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