im so screwed...

no, im not talking about exams. that's ... well, we'll see what can be salvaged between now and monday. divine interventions, multiple ones, would be nice hehe. *pokes gerby* now would be a good time to introduce me to that dude of yours =P

im so screwed because.. imishoooo. i don't know why but imishooo =(


in other news, conjunctivitis!! yep, i've got it *sigh*
went to see the doc for some antibiotics this weekend. very very impatient amy = bad bad patient. i was preempting all the doc's questions before she asked. i was inwardly giggling hysterically as i recognized the ever-so-familiar "so, can you tell me what's wrong?" opening line.

i launched into a case presentation of myself, sans the "24yo female presented with..." hehe. i told her about pain, discharge, associated symptoms, vision loss and all that other stuff. she was quite miffed but frankly, so was i. with each consult taking 10mins, i didn't see how i could still be in the waiting room 50mins later when there were only 2 other patients before me.

the doc broke out into a huge grin at the end of the consultation when she finally couldn't take it anymore and asked "so.. are u studying at the uni?"
*nodnod with a smile*
"so... what are you studying?"
*big grin with a sheepish smile* medicine.
"i thought so"
*more goofy grins all around* hehe

one thing i'm faulting her for is for not telling me how disgusting those antibiotic drops taste!! 2 drops in each eye, 3x a day. yarrite. that lasted for the first 24hrs ... i told you i'm my worst patient. the drops trickle down all those caverns in one's head and end up at the back of my throat, leaving me with the foulest taste. it's a cross between something acidic ala those sour/super lemon candies and pesticide. not that i've tasted pesticide..

i've tried chocs (thank you A! i finished the whole box already.. and i only opened them on sunday. argh.), i've tried water. i've tried anything edible to get rid of that taste.. brushed my teeth, brushed my mouth, regurgitated phlegm... nothin works! my eyes aren't getting any better either.. half the problem would be the drops not actually staying in my eyes i bet.

anyway, hopefully it'll sort itself out soon.. or else the invigilators might get another class of resident evils like dkxeon did =) *swishes devil tail* hehehe

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