and moving on...

Fig. 1. grouchy grouchy amy in the midst of exams. DND.
no, not dungeons and dragons you nerds. do not disturb!
(lu, remember that attitude photo we tried to take in sec school? this one's for you hehe!)

as an aside.. i was insanely calm earlier this morning. not sure why. just miserable and wanted my finals to be over. took out my digicam and tried to say hello to a baby kookooburra outside my window but he looked at me funny.
i got grumpier. bah humbug.

on a good note, pediatrics paper's over. one more left. wheee! ooh yeah, green contacts, green contacts! wheee!

on a bad note, i'm not sure i want to mentally re-evaluate how well i did for that paper. just the thought of doing so is causing my tummy to churn. out of the first 10 questions, i managed to only fill in a measly three at first go.

back to bloody pregnant women, literally...

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