stabbing at a parody

this would make a lot more sense if you sang it to the tune of Colors of the Wind from Disney's Pocahontas... now guess who this is directed to? *grins*

You think you own whatever room you room in
The dorms are just another place to stay
But I've been here for more years than you have been
And I know every nook and cranny here

You think the only people who still live here
Are your girlfriend, her sister and her boy
But if you walk the footsteps of your neighbor
You'll learn things you never knew you never knew.

Have you ever heard a banshee wail til half past one
Or asked your neighbor why she always calls?
Can you learn to think of other people's feelings?
Can you place yourself in other people's shoes?
Can you place yourself in other people's shoes?

Come have a listen through my concrete room walls
Come have a feel of shaking concrete ground
Come have a taste of being rudely woken
With loud thuds, and some screaming and a yell.

The RAs and the Manager can't help me
All they do is to tell me to be nice
They ask me to talk to you like an adult
But alas, I think I need to dumb it down

How dense can a full grown man be?
Can you understand English or plain NO?

Though it seems like you're just selfish and you plain don't care
For whether you are being quite the jerk
We need to pray for your poor girlfriend so she'll wake up
We need to steer her far from bastards like yourself
We need to steer us all from bastards like yourself

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