roadblocks and babies

it must've been the lack of food or the odd hour, but seeing a stuck bus at the hospital entrance brought out the best guffaws in both of us. L and I were sick of this "not doing work" business so we forced ourselves to go back to the hospital at 6pm last night and see a patient or two.. or just one. we also tried this thing called studying but i managed to only devour a page and half. all we wanted to do was go home and sleep... until we encounted the stuck bus. (substitute bus with pig, a big blue one and that's the gist of the scenario). on hindsight, it wasn't hilarious at all. -.-

being the grouch that i recently am, i sniggered at the traffic piling up in the other direction because the bus was effectively a roadblock in its awkward angle, sprawled across the two lanes of the road and half of the intersection. "they got rid of the roundabout to ease traffic and look what's happened now? LOL" i devilishly laughed. i know. i think i become mean when i get grouchy and i'm sure i wouldn't be laughing at all if i was part of that traffic piling up. i wasn't though, was i? *grins*

besides the bus-block, i've been encountering mental blocks and writers' blocks and even baby corduroy blocks (for C's new little baby boy)! Ooo, writers' block vanished, whee ~

guess what, guess what??
my lady had her baby last friday! a wee little baby boy, he was. a wee little stubborn baby boy, mind you, but still very cute and chubby. *gurgles* he decided to come out without turning from his posterior position, leaving him with a squashed nose as a reminder of his stubborness. both his parents found it hilarious and kept playing with the lopsided nose lol. baby D couldn't care less and slept away his first daylight hours of his life, only deciding to wake up once the sun went down from being famished. oh, he'd also sneak a peek at you with one sleepy eye opened whenever he farted or pooped (which was quite often actually) and maaaaaan was he a big pooper. at least we know he's got no bowel obstruction!

so there we go... i've witnessed both caesarean sections and a natural birth without an epidural. i don't see how one is better than the other. i wish storks really brought your babies to your doorstep, preferably in a wicker baby basket but a cloth bundle will do just fine too!

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