a fortnight and a day

'tis been that long since i've had the urge to write.. even now, i don't have much of any sorta inspiration to wax lyrical here but i thought it'd be nice to pay this old haunt of mine a visit. you might blame the geekette in me seeking refuge in a virtual world...

my NGRARGGH!!!! weeks have come and gone... much calmer for some reason. bought myself a mini herb garden thingamajig and i'm hoping i don't kill it with my "green thumbs" before harvesting 'em yummy leaves. now that i've also done my presentation on the menstrual cycle and pms, i can safely say that none of my NGRARGGHness has anything to do with hormonal changes hee =) lol, shuey... constipation isn't one of the reasons either!

speaking of constipation.. eesh. childbirth. birthing stool. natural births. EEEeeesh. as much as a natural process it may be, it's a really uncomfy thought to push poo out along with your baby. especially when one doesn't realize one's got poo dangling from one's behind. squatting there in front of the birthing stool, waiting for the baby's head to push through.. all i could do was keep myself from grabbing some tissue and help the lady urm... wipe. twasn't the greatest sight in the world and i guess it helped that being on call at the delivery suite all week meant erratic meal times.. or none at all.

now that it's all over and the fat lady's warming up her voice, 'tis my cue to get my act together too. be warned about upcoming antisocial depressive and mebbe a bit more NGRARGGH!!!!ish behavior... i'm sure you're all used to the erratic quirkiness already so i won't bother warning you about that bit. exams are in less than a month, let's hope things go well for everyone's sake hee. amy throwing hissy fits isn't the best side to see...

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