a flurry of non-activity

after 2 weeks of reproductive medicine, the only thing i would be interested in seeing more of would prolly be a certain goofy registrar *winks* really though, it was a sort of initiation by fire to be thrown into the clinics and operating theaters from day 1. to see women hop onto the examination table and basically spread their legs. it sounds awful when you put it that way i suppose, but it is as awful as it sounds in reality ~ for the student that is.

i mean, sure... you get to see pap smears being done and the occassional examination when people get rashes and other things but that's not the same as having to see all sorts of natural variances in well.. butt bits patient after patient for hours on end. it kinda goes against every private line and boundary i've drawn for myself over the years with some influence from society.

it's not the week in the operating theaters, nor is it delivery week (where you're basically at the delivery suite from like 7am til however long you can last through the day for a whole week) that takes the cake in this rotation. apparently, i should be looking foward to the pelvic examination session i'll be expected to attend in a few weeks' time. no, im not getting anything poked or prodded.. that's what i'll be doing to some unfortunate lady who volunteered for the session.

i know that there's 2 ways to look at this and i chose to be incredulous rather than commend them for aiding our learning. there's a bunch of ladies, as the department calls them (that makes it all the more... wrong! ladies are y'know.. prim and proper!) that routinely volunteer their pelvis and its contents every rotation so that all four groups of 15-odd students can learn to do a pelvic examination in little groups every week through the year. a noble cause indeed...

why?!?! oh dear gawd, why on earth...!?! i scream... why would anyone want to sit there from 5 - 7pm once a week with no undies on so that random medical students can poke their finger(s) up one's vagina and "have a feel" of one's cervix?! i guess that's where professionalism on both our parts kick in, but it sure doesn't help to have the instructor talk to you about the examination and explain the principles and techniques for an hour... and then basically "get her gear off" as Chards put it in his very aussie twang so you can "have a feel" of her bits. she apparently instructs you as you're doing it.. "a little to the right... nono, push it in more. yes that feels good" and comments on other ladies' while they're having their pelvic exams done. "do see that? it's a frowny cervix" she enlightens the traumatized students as she acts as the tour guide to her 17-yr old daughter's cervix (now what do you see wrong about the last statement...). yes, this obviously became a family affair somewhere along the way if she's getting her teenage daughter to be one of the ladies having to be examined. i wonder how good the pay is....

there are plenty more stories that are much much worse, stemming from the 2 groups of us that have had the session but i'll spare you the cringing and the mental trauma. let's just say that to have this conversation over a farewell dinner last nite with a couple bottles of wine was not the best conversation... or was it? hmmm.. anyway, it's just so so so wrong.. o.0

can't you detect the sarcasm when i tell you i can't wait for my session? joy oh joy!

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