all hallows eve cometh

and the tradition lives on *grins* hehe.. for the uninitiated, i've established a tradition ever since i came here to carve pumpkins every halloween and give 'em out to friends to adopt =) half a decade and counting! blame my inner child for this -.-

'tis always a challenge over here in oz.. no pumpkin patches to scour for the perfect pumpkin over here! i even had to make do with apples one particular year due to the lack of pumpkins! ...and then there was mr. eggplant another year. this year, we've got mr. zucchini screaming his head off... keep an eye out for him. he's pretty traumatized by the rest of the butternuts towering over him, especially mr skelly! he's my fav... the tallest one of them all. the one that looks sagely, if you could call a pumpkin that...

here's this year's group of pumpkins with a hawaiian thrown in and the honorary other veggie...

*flicks lights off*

Happy Halloween!

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