two decades and not quite six months

look what i found today... looooook! argh argh arghh.. my first white hair was apparently found when i was just a month old. my parents have cut out a huge chunk of hair containing the offending white strand and taped it to my baby book. it's still there except it wasn't white. it was transluscent blond and there were a few strands ~ it never really concerned me because it wasn't stark white.

today's find.. it was stark white. i couldn't find a smidgen of yellow anywhere.. and the worst part is that it's about a foot long. the sneaky thing's been quietly growing for months!! bah. the pix don't do it justice and you'll have to take my word that it's white. really, it is. i've pointed it out on the left pic... can't u see it in the picture on the right? *sigh*

i'm turning into a wrinkly =(

the only saving grace was my little tub of baskin robbins ice cream filled with green tea, white choclomania, baseball nut, midnight expresso, boysenberry cheesecake and choc chip cookie dough *big ice cream covered grin*

::edit:: seeing myself, even bits, bug me a lot and i couldn't stand having my screen being filled by all that hair so i've shrunk the pic and made it clickable. =)

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