strings around my finger

for every action or situation i come across during placements, attachments, tutorials, clinics etc that bring a cringe, a reaction of shock or horror or anything along that vein, i've decided to list down. i'm not sure if this little project of mine will last, or last for how long but i can try for my own sake... just so i can look back and see all the pieces of string i've tied to my finger over the years. memory's been deteriorating... no harm documenting things so i won't do them in the future =)

  • so here's string #1 ~ make sure you change the plastic sheets on the bed after every patient. especially after they've told you they have stinky white discharge and you've just taken 3 swabs from down there and you sit the next patient down on top of the same crumpled plastic and paper.
  • with that, comes string #2 ~ learn that the biohazard bins are put there for a reason. don't dump the urine sample down the sink drain in your office. the same one you wash your hands over between patients. without running the water afterwards.
  • string #3 ~ answer to your patients when they ask you questions. don't answer 'em only after you've finished typing up their notes on the computer, printed out their prescriptions and sick leave letter, and had several sips of coffee.
  • string #4 ~ learn to suppress yawns, especially ones that make Jaws look tame. especially when your patient is in the middle of telling you what's wrong with them.

more to come through the years...

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