sleepy head

out came the camera. *snap snap*
i couldn't help myself when i woke up to this sleepyhead hogging up half my bed...

here's another roundup of the weird and wacky

¤ for those inclined to dabble in the black arts, here's a voodoo knife block to consider buying
¤ if you're not so into the voodoo thing and would rather wear people instead of stabbing them, you might like smoy's photocuffs
¤ if you're into putting things into deep freeze, you may want to look at a portable alternative by promise design
¤ if you want to get away from it all, why not box yourself in at the ten year hotel by Lee Ferguson
¤ if all that's too much, you should prolly make yourself a flute of tea with your teastick. it'd be a bad idea to try out these bottles of coke if you want to escape the jitters...

and with that, i'm off to dream about gadgets and gizmos and try to forget my $70 parking ticket.
nitey nites ~ another half a week's come and gone. *sigh*

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