rolls of fat

tubby little babies *gush* a room full of tubby little babies!
most were oblivious to their imminent fates of getting bilateral inguinal hernial repairs, sleeping soundly or wriggling and gurgling on their little hospital cots. there were little waves of odd surrealism, washing past every so often like the quiet lapping of the water at the beach.

cute wriggling baby. screaming baby, shaking fists and kicking like mad. nothingness. soft rhythmic beep beep beeping of the machines. cute still baby. sleeping baby, limbs all droopy and floppy. calmness. quietness... shh...

scapel! rolls of tubbiness. pink michelin men. what are the landmarks i'm finding? blood oozing from the fresh cut 2/3s of the way between the asis and pubic tubercle. tearing of tissues. what's that white structure running through? what area does it innervate? what are the other structures in this bundle? bright lights. masks and shower caps. sutures! is it better to join the two sides with a bit of inversion or eversion? snip snap! here, have a feel of that. play with it and have a fiddle. slimy stringy membranous bloody tissue. all done!

hissing of air. spluttering and some coughs. shaking fists and tubby kicking feet. sporadic wails. the fading sound of the hospital cot rolling out of the operating theater.

my first encounter with pediatric surgery.

a couple more babies later, my stomach started embarrasing me with random gurglings that weren't as cute as those from the babies and i had to eventually excuse myself. never ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach i tell you...amongst other things, i proudly lugged back half a pound of choc in various forms, 2 boxes of twix pods, large bag of the local version of teddy grahams and blueberry bagels.

i should really stop grazing on junk all day. A had a sudden pizza craving while i still hadn't satisfied my own from last week so we ordered a pizza. we have no little caesar's or shakey's pizza over here. just pizza hut, dominoes and the local eagle boys pizza. oddly enough, pizza hut triumphs over dominoes over here so we ordered, retreated back to our respective rooms, had a slice each and promptly felt quite sick. A couldn't eat anymore. me, on the other hand... being the perpetual grazer that i am.. well, out of the 4 slices i got, i polished off three throughout the night. one lonely little slice remains in that little oil stained box, looking very pitiful. "eat me!" it calls out... arggghhh.

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