no more headaches

woke up this morning feeling like i've been slammed into a concrete wall. i couldn't tell if i was dreaming or awake. my throat felt like it was cracking open, my lips felt like they were peeling, i thought i was stuck in some egyptian pyramid smack in the middle of the day. my head was being a bitch ~ it wouldn't let me move it. everytime i rolled an inch to one side, it felt like my jello brains were shifting inside its empty shell, thumping at the sensitive walls. my eyes were still asleep. they took a while to adjust, to read my clock. a few more seconds pass for that mass of jello to register that it was 9.20am. i jolt upright, only to instantaneously groan in pain and hold my head in my hands. the groan caused me to wince, for it was irritated my already angry throat. i literally roll out of bed. *sigh*

what a way to start the day! late for my 9.30 tutorial. to my credit, i got there at 9.45 and i was the 3rd person there out of a group of 6.. yay!

tut was great. i didn't yawn once today. that's really odd.. someone should take it as a sign and go buy a lottery ticket. you might strike the jackpot =) went back to sleep this afternoon and when i woke up, i had deja vu. it was like the clock turned back its hands and we were at 9.20am this morning again! arghh.. this is what made up for it tho. *big big big grin* the cut on my finger suddenly doesn't seem as important anymore =)

it's a huge relief. i also found out my placements for next year and they're pretty much what i had asked for, in the particular order i asked for so i shouldn't be complaining!

and for those of you with eyesights akin to hawks, if you were wondering about my "Sharon, Lois & Bram's El..." tab... they were the people that sang the "skinamrinky dinky dink" song!! i obviously grew up watching them because i had that stuck in my head all of last nite. i could even see them wiggle their arms and do the little actions that accompanied the song..

so with that, i'll leave you with some skinamrinky dinky dink...
skinamarinky doo... eye love yooou!
skinamarinky dinky dink, skinamarinky doo... eye loove yooou!
i love you in the morning and in the afternoon,
i love you in the evening and underneath the moooon!
skinamrinky dinky dink, skinamarinky doo...
eyyyye-ai-ai l
uhhhh-uh-uhve yoooou! doop boop boop de doop!

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