my life's all planned

fishlamp and data1ore both seem to be going through subtle heart trubbles.. the kind that bubbles under the surface and doesn't quite want to evaporate nor sink. well... i guess i've unwittingly joined the bandwagon in a much less personal way.

did you hear the news? did you hear?? it's been a month old already!
did you hear that amy has a boyfriend?!

(no A, he's not bob with his marriage proposal by mail *grin* he's better than that ebayer!)

this boyfriend of mine is a doctor. we were spotted at charlestown square.
now, if i could only confirm that he worked at the john hunter hospital and find out which department he belongs to, maybe... just maybe, could i sneak a lunchtime rendevous with him during the week.

i hope you could detect the sarcasm. i really hope you could! really, it was disconcerting. it was just plain weird.. to be pounced on by a classmate, eyes wide as saucers and a grin that would shame the cheshire cat and be asked "so amy, i hear you have a new boyfriend!"

excuse me???

"so who is this boyfriend of mine?"

"i don't know. i heard he was a doctor"

"right. so what kind of doctor is he? does he work in this hospital? where'd you hear this from?!"

a different person pounced on me this morning and practically the same conversation happened in the same order again. almost word for word. i haven't been shopping at charlestown square since my parents came, save last week but i was alone.
i wonder who was next to me all that time.
i wonder who this doctor boyfriend of mine is.
i wonder..

is it still the 7th month of the lunar year or has that passed and the gates of hell closed?

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