late bloomers

about a fortnight later, they decided to bloom. =)

what a wonderful way to end the week... to open my door and be greeted with waft after waft of the sweetest perfume, a cross between nectar and any of the issey miyakes. these were the wee bitty ones hanging out by a stalk. the rest of the family is residing on flickr

what an awful way to start the new week... to stare at my SCAL appraisal forms and not remember what to write, knowing fully well i need to produce at least one completed one in about 6 hours.

what a great way to start the weekend... to be greeted by a very fluffy local, perched outside my window to sunbake in the gentle winter morning sun.

what a great way to end the weekend... to be able to close my powerpoint presentation for the final time and heave a huge sigh of relief. my sleepyheaded bear will be making a guest appearance at the said presentation this coming tuesday as i attempt to demonstrate how to elicit primitive reflexes on him. somehow, i think he will be quite hypertonic and may trigger alarm bells warning of cerebral palsy as a differential diagnosis.

1 awful vs 2 greats + 1 wonderful amongst other things...

may i be bold enough to hazard a guess that my weekend has been more than great this week? hope the weekend has been just as good, if not better for you =)

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