happy tree

aw, my little happy tree. my mom says he's happy. i totally agree ~ must be all that music it gets to hear, with the radio right under it. *beams*

i was running late monday morning, rushing off to the special education center on campus for a community attachment session. after a tour and many shrugs of "i don't know what the school wants us to do here" by both me and the supervisor, i was placed in a class of 3 - 4-year-olds. all 8 of them. all very different. all very cute! one kid was a hottie (well, you know.. extrapolate and age him about 20 years. he'll be a hottie) but was small for his age and very very quiet. another was a cutie in pigtails that was so outgoing and attention-seeking she should be applying for a spot in big brother in another 20 yrs' time too. some others were shy and took some time to warm up to me while some were giggling their heads off as we vrrrooooommed around toy cars, got tickled through a cloth tunnel or went exploring the playground on their tricycles.

i came home happy. absolutely beaming actually... the kiddies were sooooo cuteeee! sorry, i have a bad habit of gushing at times..

i came home to my happy tree. it had scared me this morning when i noticed weird things sprouting from the tops of each bunch of leaves. at first glance, i thought they were balls of fungus or some other cauliflower-shaped ailment afflicting the tree. now, i'm not one to have any luck with plants. i love them to bits... i love flowers, love plants but you're looking at a cactus killer here! don't ask.. it wasn't an accident. i don't think it's accidental when you kill 2 cacti in a row... i um, i .. well i think i drowned them in too much water. both kinda turned to mush when i poked 'em. anyway, i later googled for those cauliflower attachments my happy plant sprouted and confirmed it with my mom ~ those weren't fungus balls! who knew... apparently, happy plants do flower! (more pix @ flickr)

Happy plant (Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana')

This popular indoor plant has variegated leaves that sprout from a piece of apparently dead wood. Happy plants are extremely tolerant of harsh conditions and many have survived indoors for more than 20 years.

Happy plants are supposedly called 'happy' because they are thought to bring luck to the household. If the plants flower, which sometimes occurs especially with old plants or those grown in warm climates, it is also considered to be a sign of good fortune.

-Burke's Backyard Archives

yayyy.. now where's my pot of gold?

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