bettina's bdae

having L not show up at our 4pm appt to crash the emergency dept was a huge raincloud. was planning to spend the night there, admitting sick febrile irritable vomitting screaming kiddies with or without diarrhea. fun stuff! i was really tempted to go home but the mommy that was my conscience made me trudge down to the kiddie ward. i met my silver lining there in the form of m.m. who has graced many a tv screen among my friends' places with his role in Sur viva, the student-produced spoof of Survivor made by the 5th years about 4 years ago. besides directing me to the tiny 19 day old little girlie with bronchiolitis, he was nice enough to sit down and listen to me jabber, slip, stumble and finally spit out my presentation as he sipped his coffee. he also spent the hour giving out pointers and enough confidence returned.. so much that i was inspired to turn bradley into bettina =) as you can see, i don't think any bit of poor bradley... all 5cm of him was too impressed...

if you've been hovering around me long enough, you'll know my fingers concoct things only when i'm relaxed enough to let whatever kookiness get through to them. i used to have a lot of those days and i suppose that carefree-ness came hand in hand with my particular childhood. nowadays, i don't usually have the time or energy to be inspired by random muses passing by. the cards and knick knacks i do make usually end up as some half-hearted attempt to meet deadlines like mothers' day or birthdays. today was one of those rare days although i made bettina because i wanted to give dr. r a thank you card for being such an inspiration and taking the time to teach me despite her busy schedule.

::snip snap::

i couldn't help but add this felt cutie in... iwantoneofthose!! but they don't ship outside the US *sniff* guess i'm gonna hafta make my own once the holidays roll around...

i've also been wasting precious sleep times by doodling with typedrawing to come up with this to celebrate nerdette-ism *grin*

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