better late than never

hmmm what could this be? i pondered as i collected my snail mail today. i don't remember donating anything to world vision lately. i don't remember donating to anyone lately. frankly, i don't remember many things lately.

i open up the thick letter, see a self-addressed envelope and promptly got mad. i've been a little livid hot tamale this past week ~ i guess i don't handle pressure too well. hmm. another wad of papers telling me how great they are so i'll donate ehh? bloodsuckers! i thought. i flip open the thick stack of what looked like brochures and pamphlets to see a handwritten note. awww.. how sweet. now why would they write me a note? i mused. then i noticed something gone awry. have you noticed it yet?

i initially thought that they had a lousy database or a huge backlog and had only just gotten around to replying me. i got curious and checked the envelope for the postmark. whaddya know... it was stamped on jan 11 2001 too... *sigh* the poor lady prolly thinks i'm some callous prick who made her compile this volunteer pack for nothing just so she has extra work!

now that i don't have the time to search for volunteering positions, only now, do i get the information i requested 4.5 years ago. i guess i can't complain too much... better late than never eh?


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