ba ba jie

daddy's day. that's today ~ ba ba jie (literally translated as eight eight day in mandarin). the day the taiwanese honor their daddies and say thank you in a myriad of ways to bring beaming smiles to those daddies' faces. the only reason it's on august 8th every year is because the chinese word for eight, ba, sounds like the chinese word for father... also pronounced as.. surprise, surprise! as ba (d'oh!) =)

please excuse the awful fashion sense of the 80s *grins* man.. the hair! the hair! what were you thinking, to not get a haircut! what was my mom thinking, to let you grow your hair out! thank goodness it's never been that long again...

you've been there for me, through the happy and the sad

i was always stepping on your toes, i was always trying to measure up to you.
i wanted to be just like you when i grew up.

they say that girls tend to look for daddy-attributes in their hubbies and guys, mommy-attributes. tho i don't suffer from the elektra complex, you sure have some qualities i wouldn't mind seeing in my future hubby =)

even though i've just called you up a few minutes ago to wish it to you, here's a happy happy happy ba-ba jie wish again, daddy =)

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