the tuesday that was a monday

::note that names of patients have been changed::

jessica was an angel. sweet little girl just less than 10 years of age. had a horrible past 2 weeks comprising of constant fever + vomitting + inability to breathe. by the time i saw her at the wards, she was almost well enough to go home - she laughed, blushed at compliments and was a delight as a patient and a kiddie.

i thought she'd be an ideal case to present during prof skills session with my tutor today. apparently, i was only supposed to pick out a patient so my other 2 groupmates could take a history today while i stood back and watched. obviously, i misunderstood as i happily told the tutor i saw jessica last nite and if she'd like me to present. she got discharged today so our tutor wasn't happy that there were no patients for us to interview today... argh!!! that's her job though! it's her job as our tutor to find patients for us to interview and examine but to her, that idea was somehow preposterous.

so instead of an angel, we got a cheeky little 3 year old devil called wallace. he was a pudgy little tyke who was obsessed with thomas the tank engine and his hot rods. man, the kid had attitude. he bossed his poor mother around, demanded lemonade until he got it (lemonade as in sprite. deprieved people over on this isle of oz... they need to taste real lemonade that comes from real lemons over here...) he refused to let us near him and ran to the ward's play area where we later found him sprawled on his tummy. he didn't trust the stethescope, he snuck peeks at us and had to be constantly distracted by everyone else so that one of us could listen to his lungs at a time. two thumbs up plus a big toe to his mother for her patience!

the more i see naughty kiddies like him, the less i'm inclined to want kids of my own.

speaking of kids, i had a sudden flashback to elementary school days. it was awful..
i went for the pediatric grand rounds and stayed for all 2 hours of it. our tutor saw me there but didn't see my other 2 groupmates. one was still in bed at the time, the other went off to get lunch. fair enough.. we had been in class from 10am with no break til 4pm. taking an hour off at 1pm to get lunch is fair, i thought. anyway, she met up with us and chided them about missing grand rounds. (it was interesting this week... 2 cases of toxic shock syndrome, 2 very different presentations. 1 case was of a girl who tried to be a bright spark but prolly overshot. she was 14, tried to give herself a brazilian shave/wax/goodness knows what she actually did. also left a tampon in her for 30 hours a while after her beauty treatment. happened to be sexually active. after her hospitalizations, she learnt her lessons well. was noted in her medical notes, among other things she was advised to refrain from, that she said she'd never have sex again. rightio. whatever you want to do girl, so long as you change your tampon a bit more often and stop the brazilian craze.)

anyway, our tutor goes up to the three of us in the group... "you two should've been at grand rounds today! it was really basic stuff and interesting. now you'll have to go home and read about toxic shock syndrome, unlike amy. she stayed and now she doesn't need to read books about it. maybe you can get her to explain it to you later"

if you had looked at my expression as the tutor said that, you would've seen my face turn ashen, my eyes would've been surveying the floor to find any minute crack so that i might somehow have willed myself to melt wicked-witch-of-the-west-style and seep under the carpet of the pediatric ward. woman! nobody's ever talked like that to anyone i know in the past 15 years, if not more. it's so belittling and urgh... the whole situation left an awful taste in my mouth, tinged with embarrassing memories of being the teachers' pet. not that i ever was per se. it's just that ... well, i've never heard of people comparing other people in a very long time. it's like having your mom tell you "why can't you be more like so-and-so, she's so obedient and talented" ~ lucky for me, my mom never did that. had friends' parents who did and they hated it. mind you, we were all about 8 at the time, hence the momentary shock at having the same thing happen at the wards today.

i'm glad my groupmates understood. i was trying to blink them "omg how embarrasing, don't listen to her, she's crazy" the whole time. *sigh* i guess it helped my cause that the groupmate who nicked off for lunch doesn't like her. he decided that last week when we first met her. needless to say, his feeling of dislike deepened significantly after today.

5 more weeks of her. help...

oh no, my day didn't end there. after starving all day when you discount 2 granola bars + a pack of bbq chips, i came home, got changed and dashed to the gym for the next hour. some of that toxic shock girl's bright-sparkness must've rubbed off on me. i almost felt like fainting at certain times thru the body combat class. i got heat rash and had to will myself to refrain from scratching like some flea-infested animal about 10 mins into the class. don't get me wrong, i love that class tho.. we get to pretend to be ninjas and punch imaginary villains, sometimes fighting off several at a time with the more complex punch-kick sequences. it ends off with a cool-down yoga routine too.. yayyy! (yes, i have an aggressive streak in me). then i come home to a hilariously horrible replay of the australian idol auditions. it was so bad that at one point during the program, A was compelled to call up. we pissed ourselves laughing for at least a good half a minute before we could settle down and talk properly. i also simultaneously got a link from dkxeon. in his own words that sum it up beautifully:
*deep breath*
omg... that's so.. what's hilarious and chillingly disturbing at the same time?? O_O

click at your own risk people, click at your own risk. i hope, for her sake, that half her problem is having a bad command of english. somehow, i doubt it.

seeing how my day's been like, i'm surprised that the customary fire drill at the beginning of every semester didn't happen tonight too. oh, what a tuesday that was a monday.

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