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i wish i could pretend to be cool and say that i found the following links myself, but i couldn't steal the credit from the blog of cool over at cool hunting. that's where i first stumbled across the power strip liberator and the city kitty. mebbe i'm too easily impressed, but i thought both were great ideas. the lightbulb kinda lighted and then fizzled out as i had one of those "why didn't i think of that?!" moments.

and then i saw the spell caster, a must try for fontaholics and flickr fans alike. speaking of flickr, have you ever tried making a post-it note mosaic? by then, cool hunting had earned it's place in my list of bloglines subscriptions and was part of my blogstrolling rituals *yay* been meaning to share these links for a while but never really got around to them and it just sorta accumulated.. here's the last one that i found fun. Airtreks. (it's a flash page, so for those of you whose browsers run away screaming from such pages... you've be warned!) my only gripe is that i can't see the flights/airlines without submitting it for a quote for a travel agent to process. i don't wanna reaaally do that when i've just randomly selected a syd-singapore-taiwan-japan-korea-hk-london-edinburgh-iceland-new york-toronto-chicago-san fransisco-los angeles-hawaii-syd route! at least it told me the price ~ 'twas much cheaper than i was expecting at around either $2k or $4k.. i don't quite remember.

speaking of trips ~ i think i might actually make it to singapore this year! the plan last year was to snitch a quick weekend getaway to singapore whilst in taiwan but that never really happened. too many relatives, too many spur of the moment plans. that's what i've always hated about my vacations back home as i grew older. it didn't matter much right up to about 4th or 5th grade because i was usually left at grandma's house to play with my cousins while the adults did their thing. i started being dragged along to "what the grown-ups did" right up 'til... well now. argh. i hated the spontaneity of it because the places we went to weren't exciting in the first place. the office.. whee! the bank... whee! it was almost akin to harry potter @ the dursleys' except i wasn't physically locked in my room. (speaking of harry potter: lotsa luck shoving all the little kiddies out of your way A! i'm waiting for the kid count and news that you got a copy of the latest harry potter book when you come back!) i would come back from the vacation laden with the latest pens/stationary/gadgets i managed to trawl during my break, but would still come back kinda empty emotionally. it was just one huge month-long shopping trip in a way, interspersed with "spending time with [insert name of random relative]" or going out to massive tiring boring dinners comprising of at least 5 courses. i haven't been back a lot these past few years but the last few trips have been more autonomous, even if it's just from cousins and the rest of the family. i'm currently working on having some autonomy from my parents ~ having minimal ability to read chinese (think pre-school level), being a girl in a more or less foreign country with overprotective saftey-paranoid parents who expect me to be independent, but treat me like a 4 year old... well, it doesn't really tip things in my favor now, does it? since my parents have just moved into a new place there and seem to be settling there for good, i might actually get to feel at home and not at a house this time. hopefully, they'll feel more comfy and stable and ease up with the invisible leash.

haven't really decided on exact dates for the coming winter/summer break but it's ok. i've got plenty of time to work out flight plans. should i do syd-sg-tw-syd or syd-tw-sg-syd or syd-sg-tw-sg-syd ...bleah. a lot of airlines have cut out the sg-khh route so i can't get a direct flight back home anymore >.<

*mulls away whilst drawing the fetal circulation*

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