them and us

we show up for our psych tutorial, all 3 of us. we were there at 2pm sharp. we stayed til 2.15pm and headed to the library. one of us left soon after that. i was ready to leave around 2.25pm only to bumped into krusty the clown, as i'll christian my tutor. he was in a huff and would've collided with me had i not stopped dead in my tracks. it was like seeing a ghost, after expecting him to have forgotten. i whirled around to zap a set of raised eyebrows at the only other groupmate left. it was promptly returned with one of his own as subtly as he could.

krusty the clown instructs us to page him next time with a hint of annoyance that was dismissable as part of his normal intonation and both of us nod. after telling us in about 4 different ways to page him next time "because i might've forgotten or i may be in the middle of something, so page me to remind me or so i can tell you how long more i may be"...after telling us that with me asking for his pager number the last 3 times and my groupmate ostentatiously searching for pen and paper, he finally acknowledges my question and proceeds to give out his pager number. i had my pen poised over a scrap notecard, ready to scribble as he began with "my pager number is..." and then promptly stopped to tell us he's gotten a new pager number and has forgotten it "but you can look it up on those computers or switch or something" with a wave of his hand in the general direction of the library computers. i tried really hard not to let my eyes roll too much with some success.

he asks if we have cases to present, i tell him yes. it's not written up properly but i can still present. he rambles on, my groupmate suggests discussing my case but i guess krusty the clown missed seeing the mouth my 6ft tall friend open to tell him that. krusty proceeds to ask how many more sessions we have left. my friend replies "two" and was heard this time around. krusty calculates that for the 4 of us in the group, there would be enough time for 2 presentations per session and then says "see you later" before walking away.

i later find out krusty found us at the library only by poking his head into the tutorial group of soak, another tutor who's in charge of running the psych module and is a very lovely lady. she'd be a very cool mother to have =) that's where krusty was hurrying off too after bidding the pair of us g'day... to rat on us and tell soaks that only two of us showed up and none of us had cases to present. soak's horrified admonishment was "oh, but they know they're supposed to prepare a case! naughty, naughty!" i can imagine krusty's nod of agreement with a secret smirk.

i used to stand up for the guy, having worked with him for a month at his psych unit at the hospital last year. people said he was a flake, people hated him for various reasons. now i'm beginning to see a bit of that shine through. *grinds teeth*

why is it ok for them to forget appointments, show up an hour late without apologies or explanation and expect us to sit there and be their unpaid secretaries, to wait hours for them to show up and be grateful that they showed up at all.

they expect us to be professional in our behavior, to be punctual and dress appropriately. they want us to think for ourselves and when we do make decisions, we get the short end of the stick.

them. there's always some version of them at some point in my life it seems. *grinds teeth some more*

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