temporary liberation

there's a little light peeping through the awful storm clouds of late and that's a good sign eh? that horrible meeting with the dean of the school was about attendance. 'twas nice of them to not tell me what it was about and let the suspense nearly kill me for the week. "we support our students" my foot. on the opposite side of the spectrum are all the rest of the people i call friends and family.

to A, with her very sound advice and just realizing that she's sitting there helping me play devils' advocate in a way to preempt certain questions and situations i might've faced ~ i'm very touched at the gesture =) to L, who got more mad than me at the ridiculousness of some of the faculty policies and actions, who squealed more loudly than me when i broke the news of passing ~ thank you for surprising me with so much care and concern =) to E, with his constant intermittent msgs of "how?" N & A for the emails of concern and support. to YJ & F, for the goofy attempts to cheer me up, to P, T, F, A & C for their little notes of encouragement and support on the bloggie.. and just for taking the time to visit in the first place! gawd, i feel like i'm writing some sorta acceptance speech for the oscars or something.. "and to the producers, i couldn't have done this without you. and to my parents, i wouldn't be here without you. and my lovely dog, for his constant support... and the lady from across the street..." really though, despite the aggravations that've manifested themselves as grimaces and stares of death in the past week or so, i really do appreciate what my parents have done. they've stood steadfastly tall in a very brave attempt to remain my pillars of support through thick and thin, even if they secretly think that there's no hope for me. even then, they sit there believing in a miracle just so i won't suffer too much. although it may be rather stifling in large doses, drowning me in too much tlc, it's really sweet and i couldn't ask for more from them =)

i really just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's kept me in their prayers in one form or another. i'm sorry for causing unnecessary worry for those that did, and for those that didn't, i'm glad you didn't worry =) you have no idea how much it meant to me, and how much it kept me sane through these past couple of weeks.

basically, my 3rd year results are out. i passed =) now waiting for 4th year results but in the meantime, i'm thoroughly enjoying this pediatric rotation. it doesn't hurt that this is what i would like to be in the future, but it's also a very refreshing change from general medicine just because everything is new and i'm learning it for the first time.

right now, i'm taking a little break until tomorrow and gonna be painting the town red tonite *wheee*

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