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pediatrician or plastic surgeon?

had a talk with dr john cassey after the pediatric grand rounds today. small world ~ he was my nugget supervisor last year and a year later, i meet him again in the hospital circles. he looked different today although it's prolly just my failing memory. i did after all meet the man just once. im surprised he even remembers me, even with my reminding him about the nugget thing.

so i did that and asked him how to get into his specialty. he's a pediatric surgeon you see..
now that i have a clearer picture of what paths can be trodden, i'm at a dilemma although this really is a tad early to be presenting myself with such a quandry.

there are basically two paths i can choose:
1) pediatrics ~ be a pediatrician. finito. mebbe express an area of interest in reconstructive surgery...
2) plastic surgery ~ train up, specialize in pediatric reconstructive surgery.

Path 1 is the long and winding path.
Path 2 is the straight and narrow.

Path 1 lets me do what i generally love, but not really love.
Path 2 lets me do what i really love and allows for the capacity to wander over to pediatrics throughout the course of my training.

Path 2 seems to be the better deal ~ short, gives me the freedom to wander all over pediatrics
Path 1 seems to be tugging at my heart. i can't bear the thought of not being a pediatrician even though i know path 2 will get me somewhere close in the end.

decisions decisions. thank goodness they don't need to be made today.

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