never full

me: argh, you never listen do you?
brain: what do you mean? it's not my fault!! blame the hand.. the hand!!
hand: hey, stop pushing the blame on me. it's that 2nd finger. i couldn't stop it from clicking
2nd finger: eh, if you hadn't placed me atop that mouse button, amy wouldn't have seen that website. it's not my fault i was on top of the button.
me: well nobody told you to move when you were on the button.
2nd finger: nah-uh. brain did.. i couldn't help it, i swear!


have i scared away enough of you?

for those of you brave enough to stay and read on, the offending website was this taiwanese food group on flickr. i mean offending in a good way.. if that's possible. i'm glad i live alone in this little apt of mine. it'd be awfully embarrasing to have someone walk in and see all that drool... *sigh* i'm a glutton, yes i know. i also know that some of you'll agree with me that one can't help but salivate for some hometown local dishes =)

get ready for some food porn... in powerpoint handout order from left to right, top to bottom: ba-zhang (rice dumplings), your typical stall of "lo ba" and other things broiled, chong yo bing (shallot pancakes.. salty, not sweet!), shuay-jiao (meat dumplings), yeee-ah/tang yuan (glutinous rice balls in sweet soup) and oodles of instant noodles @ the local 7-11 store. i couldn't find pictures of the yummy ba-wan that i got L hooked on when she was in taiwan earlier this year... nor were there any pictures of bubble tea that would do it justice but ah well.

i've always laughed at the menus from chinese restaurants, but after trying to describe what some of these dishes are, i can now empathize with the people who came up with those hilarious menus in the first place. things somehow sound odd, funny or plain unappetizing when it gets translated to english. they also end up having names that sound like run-on sentences when a simple couple of chinese characters would've done the trick.

outta all the stuff i miss, i think it'd be the ba-zhang.. but then there's the carrot cake, the da-bing, the lun-piao kao (spring rolls) and and ... argh. i wish it was summer already so i can go back and chow down. so i can maybe swing by singapore and congratulate E in person for her recent engagement with a hug and a catchup session. so i can get away from here. so that i can see my cousins. so that i can deal with "the bold and the beautiful" plotlines that make up life back there. so that i can enjoy the first few days and seethe with frustration when i hafta be with my parents 24/7 for the next few weeks of the break. so that i can say to myself "i can't wait to be back in newcastle" ....hmm. mebbe it's not such a good thing to wish for after all, to want summer to come now.

peas! peas! ... lol, i'm still not over that.

i think i might've hit my head too hard, too often lately ~ i apologize for this loony that seems to have taken over for the time being!

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