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first off, before i forget and launch into one of my incessant monologues.. heeeere's *drumroll*

i thought i'd link to it, just because it scored pretty high on my neat and/or wacky scale. details are on the page but here's the gist of it for all you people with a lazy index finger, brought to you my Control Cee and Control Vee.

Blogathon is coming back for 2005. For those that have been blogging long enough. Blogathon is a blogging for 24 hours (one post for each half hour) for a charity of your choice. This is a WORLD WIDE event. In 2003 401 bloggers raise over a 102,000 dollars figure amount. The money does not go to you directly rather you will let your charity know that you are doing it with Blogathon will act as a go between to help you keep track of your donors amount for you. The money goes DIRECTLY to the charity, the money does not ever touch your hands.

i'm past the age where i can successfully pull off all-nighters but if anyone's gonna be game enough to participate, lemme know and i'll be happy to sponsor you. that being said, i'm not gonna be randomly chucking money around ~ it'll depend on what the charity is and whether i'd support it in the first place.

i had several things to rant about as various thoughts whizzed through my head. then i finished drying my hair and all those thoughts evaporated. well.. sorta.

i had wanted to:
  • whine about signs that things are wrong
  • recount my crazy day yesterday, including an a&e shift that ended at 1.30am
  • document the little kiddies and chat with the pediatric resp fellow i had seen today
  • whip out a list of random paragraphs from books of old written by authors such as roald dahl, l.m. montgomery, c.s. lewis, madeleine l'engle, m.w. benson, etc just to prove that j.k.rowling's set of books are not "all that" ~ kiddies nowadays are missing out on all the literary (mis)adventures of the fictional world! name me 20 english childrens' books that any child of reading age between 1990 - present will know that isn't a movie. here's my list of books for those of us born in the 80s: charlie and choc factory, chronicles of narnia, a wrinkle in time, anne of green gables, great expectations, adventure of tom sawyer & huck finn, alice in wonderland, treasure island, the call of the wild, pippi longstockings, choose-your-own-adventures, charlotte's web, animal farm, nancy drew, hardy boys, dune, the bfg, the hobbit, sweet valley twins/high, babysitters club. there, twenty! i could go on forever with this list...
  • write a haiku or two about current situations with a couple of friends
  • feed my technolust and debate over getting a pda with a palm os vs windows os. the palm lifedrive looked good until i heard that it was slow. i wanna test drive =D
  • imitate my friggin' neighbor. he's the girliest guy i've ever seen ~ i wouldn't be surprised if he bats his eyelashes to get what he wants. pansy.

now that i'm all clean and comfy, i don't feel like ranting and raving anymore... except for the point about lacking good books nowadays. some may argue that it's a good thing a lot of the old books have been made into movies to appeal to the kiddies today (or not) but i personally disagree. let the kiddies enjoy the books and use their imaginations! "i like her books because they've got good imagination" says a little boy with a lisp when asked why he liked the harry potter series. good imagination my foot. has he travelled back to the times of camelot to sit at the round table with king arthur? has he ever been shrunken down enough to enter thumbelina's home? has he ever spotted an interstellar pig or gazed in the eyes of a spice trader? hmph. good imagination my foot. more like lack of..

it's not been 2 weeks into term and i'm feeling a burn-out coming on. news of J leaving wasn't exactly a picker-upper at the end of a long day either. glad to have caught up with T though ~ hope she liked her prezzie =)

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