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well.. there's nothing really to do except to clean my room so that it's spic'n'span to greet my parents with when they come up here later next week. decided to gush about the new phone in the meantime. it was shipped off from sg friday morning and by noon on monday, it was at the office waiting for me to pick it up. *jaw drops* talk about efficiency! needless to say, it made my day. i paid a hundred aussie bucks less than the advertized prices here, shipping costs inclusive and i got it in my grubby little hands three days before another model hit aussie shores. official launch was today over here. the guy at telstra's never even heard of it when i went to ask last week. it's nice to be able to play the "i need to have the latest gadget on the market in my region" game for once but seriously, this one's a keeper so i splurged with this investment.

it's still growing on me. i still miss my old phone and i'm almost embarrased to have it in the same field of vision as the new phone. i feel like i'm making it feel bad by letting it see a newer counterpart. things have feelings too, y'know! just ask those guys from toy story!

this is my first photoshoot of any phone i've owned. shhh, don't let my old phone see this. i don't wanna make him feel worse ~ planning to get him fixed tho so i can retrieve data and numbers stored in there. nothing was stored on the sim card and i've learnt my lesson lol. backed up everything to sim AND computer now.

anyway, here it is, complete with a running commentary. feel free to imagine whatever tone of narration you wish, be it alvin the chipmunk or darth vader.

well, let's start with some positives. it reeks of new! still haven't taken the plastic protective sheet off yet so you might see a transparent tab peeking from the edge of the screen in some of the pics. being an adamant nokia user, i was kinda worried that the switch to sony ericsson would be a rough transition. it wasn't that hard to get used to, unlike most of the motorola phones where the call and hang up buttons are in opposite positions than those on nokias.

it lies at four triangular paper clips long and bout 2 wide. starting from the top of the phone ~ power-on/off button's at the top, a petite little circular button. easy to push, not so easy to accidentally push. yay! there's also the infrared receiver (and bluetooth too, i'm assuming) at the top of the phone. moving a tad down, there's a media button on the left side and volume buttons (+/-) that double as the camera's zoom control on the right side of the phone. facing you would be the huge screen in the middle of these two buttons. huge screen gets two thumbs and a toe up from me. it's bright, u can adjust the brightness level and you don't need to be at certain angles to read it.

right below the screen are a row of 3 multi-purpose buttons, then a row containing a "back" button, a joystick (which is relatively comfy) and a "cancel" button. then comes the keypad under all that. all of it's illuminated by white backlight. my only gripe about the keypad would be the number "2" ~ it's smaller than all the others due the joystick. with my pudgy fingers, i'm always cautious to not push the joystick upwards when i'm reaching for the "2" button. OOooo... and it also takes a bit of time to learn how to send text msgs again with spaces between words. the nokias have the spacebar button as "0" while the sony ericsson has it as the "pound" button at the bottom right corner of the keypad, so i'm still getting used it. i end up needing to squish my thumb so it can reach into that corner where sun doesn't shine just to use the spacebar, it'd be much easier if i was left-handed...

below all that is the port where you connect "QuickShare" (whatever that may be. i'm assuming it's some form of plug and play) and also plug your recharging cord. you also have a little slot for your memory stick duo, sealed by a tight rubber flap. flip the phone over and you get a 2.0 megapixel camera at your disposal. all you gotta do is open the lens cover to start snapping away ~ very convinient. that was one bonus with the overall design, that lens cover. i'm a klutz when it comes to keeping things in mint condition! the second little bit i squealed over was the led light at the top of the camera side that acts as a flash for your camera and doubles as a flashlight. you even have the option of having it automatically turn off after a minute or blink out an SOS message =)

in terms of "software" and interface, the k750i's got the standard menu represented by icons that magnify (or "do that zoom thing" according to flickr organizer) when you select it with the joystick. it usually loads with a hairsplit-second delay ~ a tad slower than my old nokia but definitely much faster than some of the motorolas when they need a reboot. setting up the phone was a cinch.. it's practically dummy-proof when the first thing you see after turning the phone on and oogling at the pretty startup sequence would be a demo tour of the phone. that includes telling you about the buttons on the phone and gets you to set date, time and ringtone.

the camera's just as dummy-proof to use.. you open the lens cover, the screen automatically becomes your viewfinder and there are various camera settings you can choose. things like effects (off, b&w, negative, sepia, solarize), white balance, picture quality and size, self-timer, turn on macro/night mode and light and a whole slew of other settings. i like =)

my only other complaint (and main factor in reluctance to pull that plastic protective sheet off) would be that it's a fingerprint magnet! the first row of buttons under the screen constantly have my prints on them... you can blame me for oily fingers but i blame the buttons for being lipophilic! if the buttons are like that, i can't imagine how fast the screen itself will get dirty. bleah. there's a whole buncha other aspects of the phone that i haven't mentioned, but hey! i'm still trying to break it in. not literally of course. that was the whole reason i got this phone in the first place. things like the media player, video recorder, all the games and picture/video editors, calendar, alarm, speakerphone, voice dialling, bluetooth, etc.... my fingers are cramping from all the typing and writing i've been doing so if you're reaaally interested, you can go to the sony site and read the phone stats for yourself =) verdict so far? i'm getting to like the phone more and more every day *beams* i've already started to customize it... at this rate, i'll be loving it by the end of the week!

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