people people people!

i had a lot to say.. i always seem to. but it's 1am in the morning and im pooped.

came back from nul's bdae sugar-indulgance party ~ she had the works. trifle, coffee cake, ice cream, tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate, key lime pie, custard, indian desserts, more chocolate, pudding... the mad hatter would've been put to shame. would've put up pix. they were crappy. bahhh... here's one with my contribution to the sugarfest instead ~ made it up. i didn't know what to bring! the shell's actually baked egg pasty squares dusted in cinnamon sugar and placed in a mini muffin tray, baked for 5 mins or until golden brown. filling is just plain custard + random berry from my mixed frozen berry pack. sprinkle vanillin sugar on top and there you have it ~

managed to stop by laksh's to cram in a mini-study session after the party. there, we worked out the source of all evil, body-wise. everything can be attributed to constipation! *sigh* we've gone mad... if that's even possible, to be madder than i already am. or mebbe it was the sugar.

what i had wanted to muse about was sparked off by a late nite conversation via icq last night... i've always thought that i was had a good memory for people i've crossed paths with. i kinda prided myself with my "memory of an elephant" as someone once called it. the uncanny ability to remember the most inconsequential details of some snippet of daily life years ago with utmost accuracy. well, apparently i think too highly of myself... i can't believe i can't remember a single thing about my alto assistant sectional leader from chorale days in jc. i saw her at least once a week for a whole year. she was also the chorale librarian before me. we must've talked. i can't, for the life of me, remember what she looks like, what she sounds like.. her name rings a very faint bell. 'twas she that i had that late nite conversation with. like i mentioned in the convo.. i don't know what's more bizzarely odd ~ the catching-up-with-your-senior bit or speaking to a complete stranger with a common past. "so, what have you been up to since jc days? working?" seems a tad too friendly, considering that we were oblivious to each other's existance just 5 minutes before. "so, intro please?" sounds too distant and very very irc-ish. and only buayas use that line! *scratches head* how do you ask a question without really asking? how does one find out about a past one's supposedly been through? um i think im just rambling at this point but if it doesn't make sense to you, just imagine how much sense it's making to me. all those random thoughts whizzing back and forth within the hollow space i call my head.

moving along the people theme ~ i still marvel now and then at how mindboggling technology can be. one day, a friend is msging me from singapore. the next day, he's msging me from the same device from sydney. here today, gone tomorrow. others are less fortunate and have things the other way around.. here tomorrow, gone today. *blink*

and one last random thought ~ i love how you instantly click, how the conversations start where they left off with certain people even though the last encounter of any kind you've had might've been 5 weeks or 5 years ago. i love how time doesn't seem to change the relationship. then again, i love how time changes other relationships, for better rather than worse hopefully.

and then on to time... other than the fact that i'm running out of it really fast. one particular poster sitting above a lonely clock on the wall of a classroom of james monroe high in socal was permanently etched in my memory for some unknown reason. i think it could be due to the fact that it was the first thing i saw when i looked up from being stuck on certain questions on the chinese exams during chinese school days there. anyway, the poster says "time will pass, will you?" how mean is that.. to put it in a classroom!! i know the intention might've been motivational, but to any student faced with the distinct possiblity of failing.. a poster like that sure breaks one's spirit. 10 odd years later, that poster keeps haunting me before every single exam i have. grrrrr

another flyaway thought ~ what is it with fridays and crazy drivers. met another set of 'em driving to and back from tutorials today. people who speed up and slow down as if they've forgotten that there's such a pedal as the accelerator (it was as if the guy was stepping on his accelerator whenever he remembered and letting the car roll along until he realized that he was slowing down before putting those quads of his to work again to step on the accelerator)::insert various synonymns of idiot here:: and then there's the dude that just likes my lane too much. drives 10kph below the speed limit, i change lanes, he speeds up and gets in my lane and resumes previous snail pace. repeat process. wanker!! and of course, there's the dude that can't make up his mind and hogs up two lanes at once. bahhh..

now on the topic of gripes..
i hate the lack of respect. i've mentioned before how respect is a huge deal to me. any form of respect. respect for your elders, respect for the dead, respect for living things, respect for a book, respect for your frigging neighbors!!! maaaaaaaaaaan.... sometimes, i think i might be better off with some frontal lobe damage so that im uninhibited and can charge right up to the bastards noisy neighbors to tell them to shut up. nobody seems to be putting themselves in other people's places. it ... argh. i almost sent off this email to our mother hen of all RAs over here. i didn't in the end..

hi stacy ~

how're things? haven't had much chance to catch up with you ~ everytime i see you, im rushing off to class!

just wanted to get something off my chest actually. it's almost 2 in the morning and there are still people yelling and shouting from across the bara courtyard (well, only 2 of them it sounds like). it's really their lack of respect for the rest of the building that bugs me more than the actual noise itself, although i could do with a bit less of that too. most people should be sound asleep at this time but i'm sitting here trying to study for exams in less than 2 weeks' time and their "AAaahhhhh!"s aren't helping. i was this close *measures out 1 inch with fingers* to going outside to tell them to tone it down (i wouldn't do that, really. i wish i could lol) but someone apparently beat me to it. they got yelled at to "stop talking through the whole night, you f*wits"... they toned it down for all of 2 seconds.

i was wondering when the exam "quiet period" will start so i can look foward to some peace and quiet :p

i hate the fact that it seems like we only talk when i've got something to whinge about ~ definitely would like to organize a dinner/movie thing later this year with anj, rachel, jamie, kevin and the rest.

is it too much to ask for some peace and quiet around here?! being 20 is not an excuse. *fumes*

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