off with the faeries

triple episode of the aussie queer eye tonight. *cringes* gimme the original version any day! man, the things they show to fill up slots when they're not showing the 53rd rerun of some adam sandler movie. anyway, i'm delirious i think. no, i'm not stripping nor am i hurtling any sort of abuse at anyone unlike the 78yo lady who presented 48hrs ago with cellulitis in the medicine paper.

the paper went ... well, i don't quite know what to make of it. i thought last year was bad. i walked out of the mcq paper whining that i wasted the past 2 weeks doing past papers when i should've been memorizing kumar & clark. this year, i walked out of the saq paper whining that all the past couple weeks' worth of studying i did was utterly useless. i used common sense to come up with my answers for this paper. arggghhhhhh, die liao. *slaps hand over mouth and hugs a tree* no cursing myself. bad amy! a new beginning perhaps? just like the little viola sprouts from the can M sent over? (they look awfully similar to alfalfa right now. i'm convinced they put in the wrong type of seed in the can. still waiting for pretty flowers to bloom)

so one down, two more to go. tuesday noon. weds morning. i'll be done by noon on weds! *jumps around and starts a local earthquake* take that, noisy elephant neighbor! i can't wait =) i also can't wait for my phone to arrive. muchos muchos muy muy muy muchos gracias to the big softie who got me the phone and shipped it over. *big beams* hopefully, it'll take 2, not 3 working days to get here as promised... thanks for the opinions on phones. i would've never even looked at the sony ericsson k750i if not for the 3 votes bringing it to my attention. i stuck it in my list because it had the 2mpx camera + flash, had candybar form factor and was relatively lighter and thinner than other models with only 1.3mpx cams. now, that's gonna hopefully be my new phone if customs doesn't get its hands on it for too long. one reason i can't wait for exams to be done... so i can fiddle with the new toy =)

another reason would be my insane diet at the moment. i can't wait for exams to be over so i'll be in the mood to cook and eat properly. right now, i've been addicted to those little puny clementine mandarins that's akin to ambrosia. i get my dose of vitamin c, fulfill my daily servings of fruit, quench my thirst and fill up all at once. how handy is that! i'm kinda worried i'm getting addicted to them tho. can one be addicted to oranges? *worried look* i buy like 10 - 15 of them at a time and they never make it through the night. i've gone and restocked 3 times since discovering them on tuesday. my other current addiction would be chocolate but as J asks... "since when weren't you a chocoholic??" woolies had those fun sized bags of mini boost, kitkats, timeouts and more on sale. 2 for six bucks. i've restocked my two bags worth along with my oranges. gone through 64 mini boost bars since tuesday. i've just started on the kitkats today. *feeble grin* then there's the cranberry juice, bananas and microwave meals saved especially for defrosting as the "night before" meal before the actual exam itself. 3 frozen dinners, 1 gobbled up. 2 still sitting snugly in my freezer hehe.

the third reason i can't wait for exams to be over would be so that i can go snappy happy again ~ so many pretty snapshots just waiting to be captured =) i'll leave you with a view from my window ~

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