it's all done

finito. *sigh* the last paper was this morning. by 11.30am, i was in the foyer of the Great Hall laughing deliriously. not with happiness mind you. rather, it was with incredulous "omg i can't believe i'm done. shit!"ness that i concluded my round of exams.

i was much happier with my 4th year exams. blissfully unaware of mistakes, but happier nonetheless. the OSCAs yesterday meant for 3rd year was a nightmare. we had a wet specimen of a leg, we had a picture of the medial aspect of the foot, we had bones to pick both for the exam and with the exam, we got biochem results to analyze, inflammatory granulomatous langheran giant cells to diagram, ecgs to interpret, lung function tests to pour over... three whole hours of pure torture. 10 stations, 3 marks each. that didn't mean that each station had 3 questions, 1 mark each... oh no! it meant that each station had 3 questions for one mark each with anywhere from 2 - 4 parts per question ~ one! one mark!

anything after that would seem better i suppose. i don't know what to make of this last mcq paper we had. random stuff thrown in from everywhere but the notes and books i've studied. welcome to my world ~ that seems to be the norm. *sigh*

all that can be done now is maybe take up a new religion or two.. or five.. and pray and hope that i'll pass something this time around. will be leaving for sydney for the amsa developing world conference on friday and staying on in sydney til the end of next week. the 'rents are flying in for their annual visit over here and really, it's a crappy time. they'll be here when my results come out. that's the last thing i want, to log onto the university webby, drench myself with nervous sweat waiting for the results to load and have my parents waiting back at the room to scrutinize my reaction. or worse.. to have them peering over my shoulder as the page loads.

no posts for a while.. i'll either be busy getting ready to do pediatrics/obs/gyn or packing up my stuff for taiwan. crossing fingers it won't be the latter.

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