help me!

'twas last episode of tru calling tonight. i know, it was shown in north america a while back but we're not in north america here are we? *sigh* not happy that it was cancelled. it was one of the more interesting show concepts currently out there. it appealed to my fascination with karma, the afterlife, life and death, rebirth, reincarnation, time travel, what-ifs and things along that vein.

bah. here's a help me! of my own. something flippant when placed next to a much bigger priority but like i was telling A earlier this evening, i'm nonchalant about thursday only because i truly and sincerely fear a mental breakdown if i let myself process and fully comprehend my situation right now. i've always been one to run away. i do that a lot. i don't run away from obligations, i don't run away from things i believe in. quite the contrary. that's exactly when you see the other side of me. like how i made a classmate gasp in shock during one english class in junior college... "wow, she speaks. i didn't understand some bits of her train of thought, but wow, she speaks. and she has so much to say!" what i run away from things i usually have no control over. or things i no longer have control over. a few of you might've even found yourself thrown a line of "i siammed again" in the middle of conversations o.0 do i sound like a control freak? *whistles and looks around the room*

anyway, enough rambling. like i said, this isn't a burning question i absolutely need opinions on. i just wanted an excuse to try blogpolling.com so here's my very first poll. i would appreciate any opinions you might have though =)

::edit:: blogger won't let me post javascript tags in the post itself so i'm forced to put it in the sidebar. *grumbles* here's a list of phones for those more visually inclined ~

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