two dozen

two dozen years old ~ it was a quirky day. it's come and gone and i don't feel any different. just musing about bdaes in general i guess.. what's there to celebrate about when really, it's one step closer to deathdae. depressingly morbid, i know... i'm not one for the fuss although i do appreciate the thought. how one is supposed to let me know one remembers my birthday without telling me and making me blush is something even i don't know the answer to..

thank you for the tugs at my heartstrings:
had a very sweet diabetes-inducing gathering with chocolaty sugary goodness ~ i'm touched that people actually took time out to sit around and chat on my account! midnight greets from the girlies upstairs. late nite greets from sy ~ touched by the effort to send a greet despite being tired and overworked. ran into an old friend at bara foyer after a dry spell of a year or more. heard from buzzy, even though she was offline when i got the msg. got a call from b ~ i miss the talking. nightly phone calls comparing math answers in 6th grade sound dorkish now, but they remain one of the pearls threaded to the string of beads making up life as i know it. got a freakin' huge box 2 feet high ~ very unexpected, very taken aback. the sender called, we talked. it brought some closure but i still don't know how to react to the present and whatever it signifies. parents called.. more to remind me to send mothers' day cards to my god-mothers than anything lol. i think it's my mom's subtle way of hinting not to forget to get her something. lectures were finally interesting and useful. ricebowlers' greets made me melt to mush. to be newly acquainted and feel so accepted.. awww!

speaking of ricebowlers, here's a late announcement of a new grass-roots magazine called halfway mag... click click to see the spanking new magazine!

and in invisible ink...
the contents of the friggin' 2ft box really.. i don't know what to do with them. it's very cute and i appreciate the thought but i'm also very much creeped out at the whole situation.


Anson said...

Happy Birthday Amy!! Gee, you have the same birthday as one of my friends. And another one of my friends has hers on the 25th of May. And my brother's is on the 11th. Is there something about May birthdays? =0

Anonymous said...

Happy bday Amy! - Addy

æmii ~ said...

haven't heard from you in the longest time addy!

*big huggs* thank you, you two ^^

lol anson ~ count back 9 months from may and well... :p