the skyping game

given the choice of sitting down and typing out a critique of a very dry set of clinical guidelines and being online to blogstroll and squander time.. guess which one i chose? *tilts halo*

came across skype again and yes, i'll never learn. actually... i have. no more filling in of personal info! decided to give it one more try after a freak called me up on my landline last year. a very egotistical one i might say.. he claimed he was a 1337 hax0r who knew everything about me. said he found my info online and can get into my computer. he said he had his ways.. so i take it with a pinch of salt.. never mind the fact that i was out of my mind to carry on the convo with him in the first place. curiosity got the better of me. it killed the cat, i know. thank goodness im a chicken. *chirp* so i egg him on.. where did you find all this info about me? i pressed.. ohhh, i have my sources. y'know, msn and skype and stuff. i can hack into their databases. sure buddy.

this was the turning point. incredulous fear turned into incredulous scorn. he told me that all i had to do was say "hello [insert his name, i've forgotten]" and he can sense me and draw up a visual picture of me. rrrightie-o. i refused to say hi, he went on to describe what he saw of me. i had no idea i had very pretty green eyes and blonde hair. hmm. after his little psychic showing-off session, i basically told him to leave me alone and don't call back. it didn't help his case that he insisted he was my #1 fan. in his exact words. creeeeep!!!

whaddya know? he calls back a few days later. by this time, campus security has been alerted. his next few calls went unanswered, straight to the answering machine and then they thankfully stopped. that was enough to trigger mass hysteria on my part. would explain why all my personal info's been taken down from instant msging clients etc.

anyway, i've basically redownloaded skype. trying to build up address book again so i'd appreciate any of you with an account to msg over your user names ^^

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